Warewolf Club

We have hardware specialists, and software specialists, but who is working on the peopleware? We are a community of peopleware-minded professionals.


On this show, hosts Ellie and Michael interview professionals about people, careers, good business, and improving teams in a modern world.

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Book Clubs

We meet weekly to review a book, one chapter at a time. At these discussions we dive into the subjects of a book and talk about possible applications to real-world scenarios.


Stay up-to-date with the latest peopleware advice by checking our users' daily blog feeds. Contribute to the conversation by posting your own blog, also.

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What our Members say

In my most recent job search, my technical expertise got my foot in the door for interviews. Mentioning that I was active in Peopleware helped secure me two job offers and almost got me a third. Employers who care about their employees want to hire people who care about making a better workplace for everyone.

Ellie Strejlau

Peopleware shows me how much an autonomous group of people can accomplish. There’s coaching, Q&A, study groups, job postings, and good humor throughout. It’s the best resource I have for professional development, and exposes me to many more.

Michael Wight

Peopleware is the professional community I’ve always wanted and finally found. Their passion for growth is infectious, and the psychological safety is the stuff of legends. It’s my go-to for advice, coaching, interesting conversations, and good old fashioned screwing around.

Mike "Critter" Crittenden